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India Named The Most Beautiful Country In The World; Japan Takes The Second Spot

Social media plays a massive role when it comes to travel inspiration. The more pictures of a destination that can be found on the internet, the more attraction it garners from tourists. That seems to be good news for India, as according to a recent study, it has been called the most beautiful country in the world. The research was conducted by the travel portal, Titan Travel, by collating data from top social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok along with Google search trends. What makes India the most beautiful country in the world? Pahalgam India has around 21,93,06,311 Instagram posts, all showcasing the surreal beauty of the country. This is one of the major indicators that justifies its top position on the list. Complete with palm-fringed beaches, stunning old forts, rich culture and heritage, mountains and hill stations, and bustling metropolises such as Delhi and Mumbai, the country attracts visitors not just from within the nation but across the globe. Tourists can indulge in a number of experiences here, from authentic food tasting and living in palaces to experiencing the best of local flora and fauna and trekking on some of the most beautiful routes. A trip to India is incomplete without visiting at least one UNESCO World Heritage Site, which the country has plenty of, truly making it a must-visit destination. Here are the 10 most picturesque countries in the world as ranked by the portal most beautiful country in the world Following India is Japan, which grabs the second spot with 16,43,00,869 Instagram posts. The Southeast Asian nation is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, spots such as Mount Fuji, blooming cherry blossoms, ancient traditions and delectable cuisine. Combining this with its modern cities focused on fashion, technology and pop culture, Japan caters to all. Third on the list is Italy, with 15,96,48,551 Instagram posts. The country is known for some of the most delectable dishes made with fresh produce, year-round gorgeous weather and being the birthplace of some of the most iconic fashion houses. The complete list of the most beautiful countries in order India (21,93,06,311 posts) Japan (16,43,00,869 posts) Italy (15,96,48,551 posts) Indonesia (12,37,08,951 posts) France (10,06,50,288 posts) Mexico (9,48,55,736 posts) Canada (8,03,65,370 posts) Australia (7,53,24,491 posts) Thailand (7,51,83,341 posts) Turkey (7,48,19,851 posts)