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Swim with Whale Sharks,

If you are in the Maldives for some exotic adventurous experience, wear your scuba or snorkeling gear to get into the Indian ocean. Tourists in the Maldives get the opportunity to swim along with the Manta Rays and Whale sharksManta point is one of the popular protected marine zones where you can witness these giant species. There are also other whale sharks and rays’ hangouts to choose from. Enjoying a dive with the world’s largest mammal, the whale shark, will leave you spellbound and breathless.


Hammocks are one of the highlighting features in the Maldives. Always try to select a resort having nice hammocks. Every resort has a different placing of the hammocks. Beach lovers will love resorts having hammocks facing the deep sea and villa, and you can rock n roll with stunning views of the beach and palm trees.

And few resorts have big, flat hammocks placed over the ocean. You can lie down on your back and enjoy stargazing, enjoy sunbathing, or lie down on your stomach and admire the blue waters.